Why Recolo

As qualified clinical psychologists working in pediatric neuropsychology we understand how a child’s brain works, how a brain injury impacts on them and influences behaviour, and how to make a positive difference to their everyday lives.

Combining clinical experience, neuroscience innovations and up-to-date research we tailor our interventions for each child and their family to ensure the best chance of rehabilitation.

We provide a model of holistic neuropsychological rehabilitation that supports the young person with brain injury, their family and their wider network. This includes education, allied therapists, support workers and medical professionals.

We promote the development of best practice and evidence-based practice in child neuropsychological rehabilitation. For this reason we evaluate all our interventions using standardised measures.

You can trust Recolo to provide a high quality service because:

  • We’re the largest provider of community-based child neuropsychological rehabilitation in the UK.
  • Our team of qualified clinicians cover most areas of the UK
  • Our clinicians are trained clinical or educational psychologists specialising in child neuropsychology. All are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). and have up-to-date Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks.
  • All our clinicians receive regular supervision and have liability and indemnity insurance.
  • We employ a business team who provide a professional and high quality service.

We welcome working with the neurorehabilitation community and in partnership with other allied health professionals. 

Recolo value strong relationships based on shared values, ethos, ethical working practices and a commitment to developing the very best services in brain injury rehabilitation.