Educational neuropsychology

We offer this specialist service to schools to help them focus appropriately on a brain-injured child’s educational needs.

Led by educational psychologists with specific experience and knowledge of brain injury, it’s aimed specifically at education providers.

Some of the ways in which we can be involved are:

  • Assessment and action planning for an individual child
  • Staff coaching, support and supervision 
  • Managing challenging behaviour 
  • Teaching and learning strategies 
  • Memory improvement
  • Building attention skills
  • Revision strategies 
  • Setting up and training for specific interventions for a child 
  • Evaluations, data gathering, reviews and reports 
  • Provision of reports for statutory assessment if commissioned by a local authority

Our services are commissioned and funded directly by schools/educational settings in order to provide the specialist input required for the learning needs of any pupil who has a brain injury. We understand the importance of having the right people working with both teaching staff and pupils in order to give a quality, value-added service.

Practitioners provide flexibly-delivered support based on agreed goals for intervention. The support can take place both at school and at home and include both direct and remote, i.e. telephone and Skype, contact. Generally, interventions take place within the structure of the academic year and Special Educational Needs schedule.

We focus on the following outcomes:

  • Improved attendance
  • Social, emotional and mental health
  • Reduction of exclusion
  • Behaviour management