Supporting the development of a positive self-identity for individuals with an Acquired Brain Injury, Autism or Cerebral Palsy


MyAbility is an exciting new resource which supports the development of a positive self-identity for people with an Acquired Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy or Autistic people. MyAbility, designed and created by partners ATtherapy and Recolo, is well regarded amongst industry professionals, winning the in the UKABIF Mike Barnes Award for Innovation in 2021.  

What is MyAbility? 

  • MyAbility includes three resource packs of intervention activities designed specifically to assist clinicians to create engaging and supportive therapy sessions in work focused on adjustment in identity 
  • The three packs are for children and young adults who have a diagnosis of Acquired Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, or Autistic children and young adults. They are accompanied by packs of sessions to support family members, including parents who are navigating their own journey of adjustment too.  
  • MyAbility was created by ATtherapy and Recolo alongside experts with experience, including young people and their family members.  

Who could use MyAbility? 

MyAbility has been designed with HCPC regulated clinical professionals in mind, to provide a therapeutic tool to integrate into their intervention, for example Clinical Psychologists or Speech and Language Therapists 

MyAbility could be utilised by a clinician in training only alongside regular clinical supervision with a HCPC regulated professional 

The therapeutic work involved in MyAbility can lead to a rise in strong and distressing emotions both for the client and clinician during the process of adjustment, therefore clinical supervision by a qualified therapist is required when using MyAbility 

How should MyAbility be used? 

The young person and parent/carer resources can be used in parallel sessions or at different times depending on the needs and choices of the family or clinician. The resources are adaptable to a clinician’s preferences, including utilisation online as well as in person. The PDF resources are adaptable using PDF Rewriter software in order to add individual identifiers, such as the young person’s name and to add responses to the resource prompts. 

MyAbility can be utilised with a range of adaptive communication devices, including iPad, laptop, and eye gaze technology. 

When could MyAbility be used? 

MyAbility can be utilised when an individual is aware of their diagnosis and is curious to understand it. The young person should have a three key-word level of understanding and be able to consent to the intervention.  

How is MyAbility accessed? 

MyAbility is a partnership between ATtherapy and Recolo. Information about the resources can be found on both websites. To order your packs, please email and in the subject line state “MyAbility”. You will be contacted shortly after with an order form and method of payment.  

How is MyAbility supported? 

The MyAbility team maintain a Youtube channel @myabilityvideos164 which provide supportive resources to the intervention.