Trauma focused cognitive behaviour therapy

Recolo offers a highly specialised assessment and intervention service for children and their families affected by traumatic events.

Traumatic events are shocking and emotionally overwhelming. People directly involved in traumatic events as well as witnesses, friends and relatives of those involved can be affected by trauma. 

After any major accident, it is normal for children and parents to experience a number of stress reactions that may continue for a significant period. After a loss, it is also normal for grieving and mourning to be uneven, more intensely felt, and extended over time. In all accidents, the experience of safety, security and predictability in the world is challenged, and a sense of uncertainty becomes a part of life. 

Traumatic Brain Injuries often occur as a result of a significant event such as an accident or near death experience. This often has an emotional and behavioural impact on the child and family. These include symptoms of anxiety and arousal, avoidance, and intrusive images and thoughts relating to the incident, which may interfere with the recovery and adjustment following the event. Children may not spontaneously report their symptoms, and adults may underestimate trauma in children. They may have difficulty understanding concepts such as avoidance and numbing. For this reason, evaluation includes observation and reports by parents/carers and teachers.