News and events

We have an extensive understanding of neuroscience and neuropsychology and the application of those disciplines to the field of neurorehabilitation.

We attend and speak at events around the country, believing that connecting with professionals within the neurorehabilitation community is vital.

Good peer links are important in disseminating best practice which, in turn, will benefit all clients. Here you can find details of the events we’re both hosting and attending, and our most recent news.

In addition to keeping up-to-date with academic research and how it’s translated into practical tools for rehabilitation psychology, we also write and produce our own articles and bulletins. Please see the downloads page for more details.


How Recolo is responding to Covid-19

We are glad to be in a different phase of the pandemic, as we seek to journey out of lockdown as a nation.

We are now actively providing our services as a blended approach i.e. both face-to-face and remote input, so that we are able to respond to the needs of our clients and their families, in the most clinically suitable and soonest way. 

Please click below to read more about our blended approach to therapy. 

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Exciting opportunity to work with Recolo!

We are looking to recruit enthusiastic qualified Clinical Psychologists from across the UK to work with us in our community neuro-rehabilitation service as associates.


Key book on Rehabilitation of Childhood Brain Injuries

Recolo Directors Jonathan Reed, Katie Byard and Howard Fine are the editors of their latest book, 'Neuropsychological Rehabilitation of Childhood Brain Injury: A Practical Guide.' Read More...