Make a referral

We always aim to offer the right clinician and form of neurorehabilitation to meet the client’s needs.

Our referral process is the first stage in a partnership between ourselves and the referrer acting for the client.

The procedure focuses on the sharing of information necessary for us to identify the clinician best suited for your case. In order to do this we use the following key documents:

  • Make a Referral
    Complete our online Enquiry Form by clicking here Our secure and encrypted system will ensure safe passage to our referral team.

We’re also happy to accept completed questionnaires by encrypted email. You can download a copy of the questionnaire and return it to Abby Stewart, our Practice Co-ordinator at Once we’ve received the completed referral questionnaire we’ll identify the best-suited clinician for the case. We’ll then send you appropriate CVs for you to review and to discuss our services so that we can progress to working with the client.

  • Terms and conditions
    This details the cost of the assessment plus travel costs and our standard hourly rate. This document will need to be signed prior to starting work on the case.

  • Information letter
    This is aimed at case managers, solicitors and other referring parties who haven’t worked with us before. It’s useful in explaining how we operate, what our assessment report will provide and some examples of on-going treatments.
  • Recolo leaflet
    This helps the family learn about what we do and how we work.

We’ll always be happy to discuss your enquiry in order to get a better understanding of the needs of your client and their family.