Bespoke training for 

Recolo is skilled at devising bespoke training for both teams and organisations, in order to fulfil the developmental needs of their staff.

Training can be delivered on or off-site and we’re very experienced in working with both publicly- and privately-funded clients.

Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS)

Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS) is an evidence-based practice tool that helps measure and manage goal progression within neurorehabilitation. It provides useful validity of regulated rehabilitation, encouraging cost-effective input.

Every child, every family and every injury is different. This level of complexity often requires the delivery of a bespoke and creative rehabilitation programme. Goal setting and GAS enables a rigorous approach to defining and measuring individual changes within such an intervention. The need to demonstrate outcomes in rehabilitation means goal setting and GAS is ever important. In a cost-driven market, the ability to measure the effect of therapeutic treatment is an important element in the argument to show both cost effectiveness and a return on investment for rehabilitation work.

Goal setting and GAS are useful as they focus on the areas of change that are important to the client and form an essential part of rehabilitation. We therefore incorporate goal setting and GAS routinely in our neuropsychological rehabilitation.

In addition, we offer two streams of one-day interactive workshops:  

  • GAS I is an introductory workshop for those who are new to the concept

  • GAS II is an advanced workshop for those already confident in setting goals and using GAS to delivery neurorehabilitation

The workshops will benefit any case manager or therapist working in rehabilitation with a desire to set SMART client-centred rehabilitation goals and to measure and demonstrate outcomes.

Download a leaflet for more information on our GAS workshops. Please see our events calendar for upcoming workshops near you and to book online, or contact Lois Shafik-Hooper, Business Manager on 07715 104802 or email: